Weekday Rules

Game Mode

Weekly Game Mode: Duos

  • Kill race, 3 hour time window, report best 3 games.
  • Games must be played in duos mode.
  • Crossplay must be enabled for scores to count.
  • 3 hours to play from the beggining of your team's start time.

Event Time

May 19th - 20th ALL DAY 8 AM PST - 11 PM PST Choose your team's start time Once your time slot begins you have 3 hours to play


SILVER: Your teams total K/D must be 3 or below GOLD: Your teams total K/D must be 5 or below *Max 50 teams per division, so your team isn't competeing against hundreds of teams!

Prize Pool

$1,000 Progressive Prize Pool SILVER:

  • 1st - $300
  • 2nd - $150
  • 3rd - $50
  • 1st - $300
  • 2nd - $150
  • 3rd - $50


We Pay Through:

  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • CashApp
Payout Time:
  • Our team will take a 24 hour review period to ensure all entries were legit and there was no foul play. Results will be posted by 8pm EST the following day after the tournament. We will contact the winners after we review all submissions to ensure a fair tournament and disqualify any cheaters. The scores will be shown on our website under the results tab. Go compete!


If for any reason a team or individual can't comepete before the tournament. They will be fully refunded if an admin or team member is notified via discord or email before the tournament begins (your teams start time if there are multiple start times). After the tournament begins all purchases are final. No refunds for technical issues once the tournament has started. This includes internet issues, lag, hackers, or in game glitches. This also includes no changing of start times unless otherwise stated by the BoardRoom team. There are absolutely no refunds for anyone caught breaking tournament rules, cheating, or hacking. There are no refunds for any team that is disqualified by BoardRoom Gaming LLC.

Streaming Requirements

At least one member from each team is required to stream:

  • ALL PC PLAYERS MUST STREAM. (no facecam is required)
  • The HOST needs to show geographic location before starting the first game.
  • ALL PC PLAYERS must show task manager and geographical location before start of first game.
  • Archive mode must be turned on in order for us to review gameplay.
  • All games submitted for scoring must be streamed in full.
Stream title:
  • The title of your stream must include "boardroomggs.com".
Allowed streaming platforms:
  • Twitch
  • Youtube
  • Facebook Gaming



  • 1 point
  • 1st = 10 points
  • 2nd = 7 points
  • 3rd = 5 points
  • 4th = 3 points
  • 5th = 2 points

Reporting Scores

Scores must be reported on our website under the report tab:

  • Scores must be submitted within 45 minutes after your team's time slot has ended.
  • In the case of a tiebreaker, the team with the player that has the highest kill game will win.
  • Please screenshot your top 3 games to provide extra proof in the event that our automated scoring system makes a mistake.

Further Rulings

Must have Call of Duty profile set to public (set searchable and data visable to "all"). To do this follow the steps in this link https://cod.tracker.gg/warzone/articles/how-to-public-stats No alt accounts, reverse boosting, or smurfing. The use of any outside app, data source, or technology (such as the Warzone Companion App) used for the purpose of avoiding unfavorable lobbies, stream sniping, or manipulating lobbies, is strictly forbidden. Activision account must have at least 75 warzone games played. Certain regions are banned from our tournaments including Hawaii, Turkey, Isreal Regions, and Russia. No vpn changes Must be playing on home servers (<120 ping) Must be 13 years or older to accept any payouts. Parental consent is needed. Decisions regarding cheating and hacking are final. Disqualifications and decisions are at the discretion of BoardRoom Gaming LLC.